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Charlie Sheen: Public Relations Disaster or Master of Reputation Management?

Is Charlie Sheen a PR genius…or a PR nightmare?  Ask a reputation management expert and he’ll likely say Sheen has driven his career into a ditch. Epoch 5 Public Relations, our Long Island public relations firm, would likely prescribe a strong dose of crisis management. But, ask a branding expert and,… more

r u redy 2 c ths

“E-Mail Gets an Instant Makeover” in the December 21st edition of The New York Times reports that using e-mail is a sign that you are sliding downhill into old age – which could be anyone over 25 these days. Texting has become the communication medium of choice for those… more

The Power of “Thank You”

Giving thanks at the Thanksgiving table is usually reserved for the big things in life – health, family togetherness, and the successes of the year.  But often it’s the small things that just make life easier that miss our “thank you” list.  As we’re driving in stop-and-go traffic… more

New Beginnings in September

Happy New Year!  It’s September – the real start of the New Year.  While watching the ball drop on a cold winter’s night is the official launch, it’s actually those first crisp September days that give us the feeling we have a chance at a new start.  September… more

How to Hire a PR Firm

There are good reasons to hire a public relations agency – the need for PR experience that you may not have, when a special project comes up, or after you downsize and  require outside marketing assistance to take up the slack.  Sometimes, however, hiring a public relations firm… more

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