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Who’s Making News?

Going Green Is Good PR

Going green is good public relations. Just ask Walmart, which found a clever way to “Save Money, Live Better” that doesn’t just echo the mega-retailer’s tagline. Walmart recently reported that its California operations eliminated more than 80 percent of its waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. The… more

The People Of Japan Need Our Help

Here’s how you can help support relief efforts by the simple click of your mouse on your favorite social media website, or even a quick text from your mobile phone! ABC recently reported that technology companies across the Web are stepping up to support relief efforts in the area. Through gaming,… more

Japanese Earthquake Shows Social Media as a Lifeline in Disasters

The first images to emerge within minutes of our world’s most recent natural disasters, first in Haiti and now in Japan, are eyewitness photos and videos delivered to the world via social networking sites, well ahead of most cable and wire news services and public relations agencies. Eyewitness accounts… more

Charlie Sheen: Public Relations Disaster or Master of Reputation Management?

Is Charlie Sheen a PR genius…or a PR nightmare?  Ask a reputation management expert and he’ll likely say Sheen has driven his career into a ditch. Epoch 5 Public Relations, our Long Island public relations firm, would likely prescribe a strong dose of crisis management. But, ask a branding expert and,… more

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