falconEpoch 5 has been charged with increasing awareness of FalconStor Software’s www.falconstor.com “comeback” as a major player in enterprise storage software. As part of that campaign, Account Manager Jackie Savage planned and executed a successful analyst tour involving 10 IT groups, including Gartner, IDC and Forrester.

The tour was designed to launch a new, integrated product – kicking off FalconStor’s new way of doing business and laying out an aggressive new product roadmap. As a result, FalconStor was able to move slightly up on the highly influential Gartner Magic Quadrant, while some larger competitors experienced negative shifts. In-person and web-based briefings were held with top-tier IT analyst groups IDC, Gartner and Forrester as well as niche analysts that specialize in enterprise technology, including: ESG, Ovum, Info-Tech Research, Taneja Group, Toigo Partners, Storage Switzerland, Evaluator Group.

Analysts were impressed with the new product and FalconStor’s plans for the future. Executives were asked to host a FalconStor Frequently Unasked Questions webinar, and to once again participate in industry roundups such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Ovum’s Decision Matrix, and Info-Tech’s Vendor Landscape. Dave Russell, Gartner’s premier analyst commented that FalconStor is on the right track: “Its latest executive team and marketing, sales and product efforts may just now be bearing fruit: FalconStor has released a new version of all three of its flagship products in 1Q14.”

Another highlight was a report published by IDC titled, “FalconStor Soars Once Again” in which IDC lead storage analyst Robert Amatruda stated, in part, “IDC expects FalconStor will emerge as a key innovator in the storage market in the coming years….

FalconStor has made great strides in remaking itself into a new company. FalconStor is well poised to take advantage of new storage technologies and architectures such as flash/SSD, cloud computing, managed service providers, virtualization, data migration, and disaster recovery. IDC expects FalconStor will bring its unique, unified storage services platform (IPStor) to a new set of customers as well as partner with cloud and server providers that require virtualized abstraction layers to provide common data services. … new CEO, Gary Quinn, has gained control of the company’s balance sheet and forged ahead on new product offerings while at the same time rebranding and repositioning the company. Not an easy feat. We believe this will expand FalconStor’s potential customer base and bring the company into new, faster-growing markets. The future looks very bright for FalconStor, and the company is ready to soar again.”

Here are links to some of the reports:

IDC Report, “FalconStor Soars Once Again” http://falconstor.com/resources/files/1012/IDC_Vendor_Profile-FalconStor_Soars_Once_Again.pdf

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances: http://www.storagenewsletter.com/rubriques/market-reportsresearch/2014-magic-quadrant-for-enterprise-backup-software-and-integrated-appliances-gartner/

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