Why we’re bullish on PR in 2024.

Katherine Heaviside

President, Epoch 5 Public Relations

January 12, 2024

If there ever was a Golden Age of Public Relations, this is it. In 2024, public relations will continue its role of building and protecting reputations, supporting sales growth, and helping professional service firms differentiate themselves. PR is now a dynamic and essential component of modern business strategy.

One reason Epoch 5 is so excited about 2024 — besides being voted “Best PR Firm” for the 15th straight year! — is the return of in-person events. They’re back and that’s great news for clients and agencies alike. One of the best ways to generate newsworthy content is through in-depth interviews with industry leaders hosting meetings or roundtables.

Social media will also continue to offer new and exciting opportunities for PR professionals in 2024 as we partner with “Influencers” to benefit clients. Epoch 5 often incorporates Influencers to expand the reach of traditional advertising and PR and build credibility among a larger community of followers.

The downside of social media is that a reputation that took 20 years to build can be ruined overnight. The best way to protect that reputation is to maintain a strong, positive presence with awards, op-eds, blogs, webinars, and positive publicity. These tried-and-true strategies will be expanded in 2024 as we harness the power of AI to manage and protect reputations.

Associations challenged by new legislation, schools and universities facing potential negative publicity, and businesses with issues contact Epoch 5. In 2024 we expect that trend to accelerate as well as referrals from attorneys. PR’s Golden Age continues and has never been brighter.