A message from Katherine Heaviside on crisis management. March 2020


For more than 35 years, Epoch 5 Public Relations has specialized in crisis management. While there is no denying the impact of COVID-19 on families and society, one area where we can help is your business. Our crisis management team is ready to work with you to:

  • Craft internal and external messaging;
  • Assist department heads with their communications;
  • Provide marketplace and supply-chain communications;
  • Keep you connected to what matters most — your customers, clients, and everyone who contributes to your success, today and in the future.

For the time being, Epoch 5 is servicing new and existing clients remotely. My direct line is 631-889-1664 or you can email me at kheaviside@epoch5.com. Please don’t hesitate to call to learn more. Or just to talk, one business person to another.

Katherine Heaviside
President and Founder