Dr. Kimberly Cline: Leading Long Island University to Excellence

Dr. Kimberly Cline

President, Long Island University

January 3, 2024

You’ve been at the helm of Long Island University since 2013. Can you talk about your journey and what inspired you to lead this institution?

My journey to Long Island University was driven by a deep passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of students. Our focus on experiential education is to provide students with real-world experiences that make them career-ready upon graduation. When I assumed the presidency at Long Island University, I saw an incredible opportunity to elevate this 100-year-old institution to new heights and become a leader in higher education and research.

LIU has formed strategic partnerships with a wide variety of renown and influential organizations, like Roc Nation and Dassault. How have these collaborations enriched the student experience and the university’s reputation?

Our partnerships with Roc Nation and Dassault Systemes are opening doors for students both during their time at Long Island University and beyond. Roc Nation, a school of music, sports, and entertainment, is in the heart of Brooklyn and minutes away from New York City, providing students with unparalleled internship opportunities and access to top names in the sports and entertainment industry. Working with Dassault Systems, the global leader in digital engineering has elevated Long Island University’s profile and reputation for life sciences and research. Dassault Systemes has named LIU as the top 5 centers of educational excellence in the world – the only one in Life Science. I am very proud to note that Long Island University is in the top 7 percent of all research universities as ranked by Carnegie, and we are playing an important role in establishing Long Island as a research hub.

The Hope Scholarships and the expansion of the Division I athletic program are truly commendable initiatives. Can you elaborate on these and how they benefit LIU students?   

Hope Scholarships are making the dream of a University education a reality for many of our talented students with high financial needs. With the support of donors and the foundation, Hope Scholars graduate without tuition debt. Additionally, our Division I athletic program has not only enhanced the university’s reputation but also provided life-long opportunities for student-athletes to excel at the highest level. Our championship teams are a source of pride for our university community.

Your involvement in various leadership roles, such as serving as Chair of the Council of Independent Colleges and Universities, speaks to your commitment to education. Can you share how these experiences have influenced your approach to leading LIU?

My experiences in various leadership roles have given me a broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities in higher education. They’ve helped me shape a vision for Long Island University that aligns with the evolving needs of our students and the world. It’s crucial to stay connected with the broader education community and understand the trends and best practices. These roles have allowed me to do just that and bring fresh ideas and strategies to Long Island University.

Looking ahead, what’s your vision for the future of Long Island University, and what can we expect in the years to come?

Long Island University will continue to grow, innovate, and expand our academic offerings and partnerships. With our focus on experiential learning and research – along with one of the most renowned, prestigious, and active Alumni networks that provides internship, mentoring, and employment opportunities – Long Island University produces some of the best-prepared graduates for the changing workforce. We’ll continue to invest in our community, our students, and our faculty to ensure Long Island University remains at the forefront of higher education.