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PR Insights

Communicating with media during a crisis situation

What is reputation management and why is it so important? Should you voluntarily disclose a controversial issue? What are some key guidelines for effective crisis communications? View all PR Insight videos

Build a positive reputation with great media coverage

How important are strong contacts to media relations success? What is the publicist’s role in the interview and reporting process? What are the best ways to pitch media on covering your client? View all PR Insight videos

Getting terrific publicity for your special event

Why are special events an important part of the marketing mix? How do you get great publicity for your special event? Why is the positioning of your special event so important? View all PR Insight videos

Keys to hiring a Long Island public relations agency

Does a Long Island based PR firm offer advantages in this market? Does Long Island pose any special challenges versus other markets? Why are Long Island knowledge and contacts so important? View all PR Insight videos

Create community support for your important project

Why is effective community relations so important to a project’s success? What are some core approaches in a community relations campaign? What are some of the keys to directly engaging with stakeholders? View all PR Insight videos