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RIP The Times’s “Week in Review”

My world spun slightly out of orbit last week when The New York Times’s “Week in Review” was recast as the “Sunday Review.” Apparently succumbing to the influence of opinion-dominated cable TV, blogs and social media, the revamped section now devotes much more of its space to opinion… more

The Art of Coffee Talk

Making small talk is part of my DNA. But, despite thousands of impromptu encounters during my 20-year public relations career, invitations to events where professionals meet and mingle do occasionally produce some uneasiness. Thankfully, my best PR skills kick in and help ease the way. For those who… more

Let me be perfectly clear…

Any savvy spokesperson would agree that often in media interviews, silence is golden. But, even the most seasoned spokesperson or media-trained interviewee can trip up when he or she is on the media hot seat. Two pitfalls that frequently get interviewees into trouble are when they use verbal… more

And the Winner is… You

Scanning the entertainment headlines yesterday I saw that four-time Emmy Award winner Edie Falco said she has an ambivalent relationship with awards. Falco had recently received her first Tony Award nomination. It got me thinking about awards and their value. Sure, when millions of people around the globe already know… more

My sympathies to Rip Van Winkle

Everyday we hear more jarring statistics or anecdotes showing how integral on-line channels are to reaching consumers and influencing stakeholders. Sometimes I feel akin to Rip Van Winkle, who awoke after a 20-year sleep to a changed world. Perhaps the most mind-blowing thing about marketing communications today is… more

So, why weren’t my quotes in the story?

Epoch 5 sets up hundreds of client interviews with the media each year.  But, like other PR professionals, sometimes we’re at the mercy of factors that result in a client’s comments not “making” the story. While situations arise that are out of the publicist’s control, and the reporter’s… more

Is “reach out and touch someone” dead?

Has our obsession with electronic devices become more alienating to family relationships than even the teen years?  And what are the implications for client/customer relationships? Alex Williams’s cover story “Quality Time, Refined,” in the Style Section of The New York Times earlier this month, raised these questions.  The writer described… more

Giving your best performance on the blogging stage

Blogging is becoming more and more popular. But what’s the point of blogging when no one is reading? Think of blogging as a concert and you are the musician; you perform to entertain your viewers. Chris Brogan suggests a few ways to effectively perform your blog:     Be… more

When the Flicks Come to Life

What a dramatic week – it’s been like watching nonstop reruns of potboilers, romances and disaster movies – only these were real. We had tragedy, intrigue, surprise finishes and even a kiss or two along the way. First we had the unspeakable tornadoes that ripped through the South… more

6 Social Media Tips for Small Business

Mashable says that no matter how large or small your company, social media offers unique opportunities. Social media programs, like those offered by our Long Island public relations firm, Epoch 5 Public Relations, are enhanced when clients follow these six great tips: 1. Your Customer Knows Best Find out what sites… more

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