Is Charlie Sheen a PR genius…or a PR nightmare?  Ask a reputation management expert and he’ll likely say Sheen has driven his career into a ditch. Epoch 5 Public Relations, our Long Island public relations firm, would likely prescribe a strong dose of crisis management.

But, ask a branding expert and, guess what…she’ll likely say that all the “made for YouTube” publicity surrounding the Two and a Half Men star’s outrageous behavior and obtuse pronouncements have boosted his stock as a TV sitcom actor.

Notwithstanding the theories about what may be driving Sheen’s crazy antics and mangled metaphors, it’s hard to mistake his insistence on burnishing his unique identity. Do you have any doubt that he believes it when he says, “I am on a drug… it’s called Charlie Sheen”? Try explaining that one, People magazine and TMZ.

While some media outlets may have hurried to complete his obituary – Slate having even called his routine “suicide by camera” — let’s not forget how many heroes, celebrities and other Page Six notables have hit bottom only to climb back on top. For Sheen, you don’t imagine him welcoming a high-priced public relations consultant for an image makeover.

Even if you’re as baffled as we are by his “winning” mantra, you have to be impressed with his consistent messaging, as in his “defeat is not an option” Tweets. You’d be pushing your luck to bet against someone so seemingly masterful with the media.