Mashable says that keeping an up-to-date social media presence is key to promoting a brand image. At our Long Island Public Relations firm, we encourage our clients to create a Facebook page for their business. As part of our services, Epoch 5 manages consistent, relevant updates and posts for your brand.

Below are five more tips Mashable suggests:

6. Ask Questions and Involve Your Fans
Ask them a question or for their opinion. The more questions – the more participation you will receive.

7. Watch Your Post Frequency and Timing
Don’t overwhelm your fans with too many posts. Keep the posting to just once or twice a day to begin. Also, pay attention to when you post. Many people catch up on Facebook at the end of the day and during the weekends. Be patient and monitor activity.

8. Have a Unique Voice
Maintain a consistent brand voice. Find a voice and tone that represents your brand.

9. Diversify your Content
Change up your content now and then. I.e.: Adding How-To’s, Trivia, Breaking News, Polls, Fill in the blanks etc.

10. Track the Performance of Your Posts

Watch for numbers of likes, comments, and posts. Pay attention your trends and feedback to keep up with your Facebook strategy. Knowledge is power!

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