social-media-marketingMashable says that no matter how large or small your company, social media offers unique opportunities. Social media programs, like those offered by our Long Island public relations firm, Epoch 5 Public Relations, are enhanced when clients follow these six great tips:

1. Your Customer Knows Best

Find out what sites your customers use the most, and get on those sites. Use the sites that are important to your market, as they will become valuable to you.

2. Social Media Isn’t Necessarily Free

Though there generally are no fees when creating and using social media profiles, these sites do require time and energy. Consider these part of the cost of being active and engaged.

3. Don’t Measure Success by Follower Counts

It’s not about the fan and follower count, it’s about who’s engaged and committed.  An enthusiastic community beats hordes of unengaged followers.

4. Social Media Doesn’t Equal Self-Promotion

Don’t only tweet or post about your company, your news, or your services. Instead, focus on your customers. Offer advice, tips and information that have value to them.

5. Learn From The Experts

Take note of various social media campaigns or interactions that appeal to you. Learn from the work of others, but tailor their experience to your and your customers’ needs.

6. Get Help But Keep Your Identity

Although you may engage a social media consultant, you should be familiar with social media tools and initiate your own authentic interactions with your communities.