Blogging-StageBlogging is becoming more and more popular. But what’s the point of blogging when no one is reading? Think of blogging as a concert and you are the musician; you perform to entertain your viewers. Chris Brogan suggests a few ways to effectively perform your blog:



Be Brief
If you can say it faster…do so.

Appeal to Their Sense of Self
Can you tell a story that will help your audience think of themselves?

Be Prepared
There’s no pressure in writing good posts. It’s your choice to produce good content. Think ahead by keeping a notepad with a few extra ideas.

Be Respectful
Your audience is brilliant and you sometimes know something they don’t. Blog as if you’re just sharing this information with them, not lecturing them.

Be Conversational (and yet Concise)
Talk as if you’re having a conversation with someone. Keep things tight and don’t fret over it. Practice by posting once or twice a day.

No matter how you view your blogging, you’re on a stage performing. It’s the same thing, sliced differently. There’s no reason to treat blogging differently.