Q&A with Jackie Savage

Account Manager

What do you like most about the business?

The surprises. My favorite thing about working in PR is that going to work every day is a new adventure. You’re not faced with doing the same tasks day in and day out. One day, I can be working on an exclusive with The New York Times, another writing a keynote speech, and another managing the logistics of a client event. It’s exciting and most importantly, fun.

Do you focus exclusively on technology PR?

I’ve developed a “specialized” focus on enterprise technology, working with clients to promote software, hardware, appliances and so forth. It’s a field I really enjoy because once you become fluent in all the jargon, it’s a fun, tight-knit community of reporters, analysts and manufacturers that rely on each other for news and advice. And it’s real…the story I tell shows how technology helps customers operate more efficiently and save money every day. Of course, I do have some great experiences in consumer PR as well over the years.

Is social media a big part of your technology experience?

Yes and no. In the earlier years, there was no “social media.” But today, it’s an extremely important aspect to every PR campaign regardless of the genre. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In are great tools to use to connect with the media as well as end-users, and it’s something I try to incorporate into every major event or launch. Ultimately, you reach more people by using multiple avenues of communication.

What is your life like outside of work?

I’m an avid reader, a mild foodie, and I love to travel. PR plays a role in my home life too, being that my husband is also in the field. Some late night strategy sessions are not uncommon. Otherwise, I can likely be found playing with my children, Luke and Charlotte.