Q&A with Lloyd Singer

Senior Vice President, Accounts

What made you choose Epoch 5?

Actually, I had a job interview at a different PR firm and when I called to get directions I was connected to Epoch 5 by accident. As luck would have it, Epoch 5 was hiring and told me to stop in. The rest is history. By the way, the first agency closed not long after.

Why have you stayed?

The people. It’s always been a great team here — very intelligent people who are fun to work with and dedicated to results. And with Katherine at the helm, you learn something new every day. She’s the consummate professional. Plus I love working in Huntington.

What was your biggest public relations challenge?

Probably handling publicity the first year of the Long Island Fall Festival. We got hundreds of vendors to sign up, along with bands, circus acts…you name it. As the big day approached, the client kept calling — “No one knows about the festival! No one’s going to show up.” I had to reassure him that I had secured a Newsday cover story for the day before the festival along with other major press. As it turns out, more than 100,000 people attended. On Monday the calls I got from the client were about crowd control for next year’s event.

How do you spend your spare time?

I try to get away on the weekends — mini vacations in the tri-state area to go hiking or to check out different areas. Also, Epoch 5 deals with the tri-state media on a daily level. I’ll let editors know that I’m going to be visiting their area and they always come back with the best places to visit. Which reminds me — thank you WCBS reporter Catherine Cioffi for recommending Lefteris in Tarrytown. Awesome gyros!