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Who’s Making News?

New on the ‘Net: Zuckerberg gives new meaning to “FACEbook”

Just last week, Google launched its new social media platform, Google+, with a host of enhanced features, including video chat. So, it was no surprise when days later Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased that he was about to unveil “something awesome.” Yesterday, Facebook announced that through a new… more

Today’s search results: Google and anti-trust

Guess what topic spiked on Google search today? Google’s own confirmation that the Federal Trade Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into its practices related to its search and advertising services. The Google blog post made a strong defense against accusations made by rivals and contained in various… more

The Art of Coffee Talk

Making small talk is part of my DNA. But, despite thousands of impromptu encounters during my 20-year public relations career, invitations to events where professionals meet and mingle do occasionally produce some uneasiness. Thankfully, my best PR skills kick in and help ease the way. For those who… more

Social Media, a Lifeline for Survivors and Worried Loved Ones

With this week’s tornadoes in the Midwest, social media again demonstrated how it’s not only a source for real-time, front-line information, but is also a lifeline in times of natural disasters…not to mention an instant link connecting survivors with worried loved ones. Even as the tornado was swirling… more

New on the ‘Net: Yahoo E-Mail Facelift

Who’s ready for a Yahoo e-mail update? Announced today, Yahoo will give its e-mail users an overdue facelift in an attempt to make it more appealing to people who are increasingly using alternatives such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  Yahoo is counting on the changes to help attract… more

Donald Trump elected president of buzz and spin

O.K.  So now that Donald Trump has quit the race for president, he can go back to his real job – commander in chief of publicity, buzz and spin. Yes, I admit that “The Donald” makes me cringe when he abuses and misuses public relations tactics to keep… more

William and Kate are an online hit!

Fan or no fan, today’s royal nuptials were hard to miss.  Here’s a quick media recap: Mashable reported that in the last 30 days there were 911,000 Tweets, 217,000 Facebook posts/status updates and 145,000 blog posts on Prince William and Kate’s wedding. Webtrends says that a whopping 65%… more

Facebook and Politics

The last Presidential election, Obama owned the Internet, but not so next year.  An article in this week’s New York Times shows how Republicans have caught up with Democrats in using technology and social networks.  Before you know it, we may be deciding our next President via Facebook… more

Getting the Picture…

According to Reuters, some 327 million royal wedding-related pictures will be taken on digital cameras next week when Britain’s Prince William ties the knot with girlfriend Kate Middleton. The article goes on to say that half the photographers at Charles and Diana’s 1981 wedding missed the iconic balcony kiss… more

Elizabeth Taylor’s life offers many PR lessons

Liz Taylor lived much of her 79 years before the public eye on the screen and in the newspapers. So, it’s not surprising that we can learn lessons in public relations and reputation management from her. A Hollywood starlet of the old-time studio PR machine, she became her own… more

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