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Editors to pitching pros: KO the hype and hard sell

Newsday’s auditorium was recently the scene of a lively discussion on a topic that is near and dear to public relations professionals: how to successfully pitch media on stories that are important to their organization. “Expert Tips for Great Media Coverage” was organized and moderated by Epoch 5… more

Media pitching faux pas: duck stories that are DOA

I must have made a thousand media pitches in my 30 years in corporate communications and PR media relations.  There are many keys to successful media pitching, starting with a bona fide story that meets the media’s objective of reporting timely, interesting and useful information to readers. But, if… more

Long Island media bigs bare all in PR panel romp

Media panelists included WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall, Long Island Business News Publisher John Kominicki, Newsday Business Editor Bob McGough, LI Press Publisher Jed Morey, Patch Editor Greg Sleter and Epoch 5 President Katherine Heaviside

While businesses face challenges that seem to change daily, one constant for most businesses is that visibility created by good media coverage will drive sales and attract clients. Epoch 5 President Katherine Heaviside recently moderated a media panel that offered help to every organization in the room with getting… more

Crisis Management Calls for Creativity and Unconventional Tactics to Avoid Damaged Reputations

Crisis communications is not a one-size fits all activity — it’s neither art nor science.  In fact, crises are so diverse, as are the organizations that are impacted, that solutions by necessity require creativity and unconventional tactics to counter potential damage. It’s the military science equivalent of trench… more

Occupy Wall Street ‘Protest PR’: The Revolution Will Be Televised!

After two months, Occupy Wall Street’s reputation is at a turning point — their “protest PR” skills hold the key to the grassroots movement’s future.  Frankly, I got their message about economic inequality and the 99 percent in the first week.  Yet, many of us feel positive about… more

Defining PR in the Digital Age: Where Publicists and Journalists Merge

The Internet has redefined both journalism and public relations.  In a little more than a decade, both disciplines have changed drastically and, one could argue, have become increasingly aligned. Defining PR in the digital age is especially tricky: just as anyone who “publishes” on the Internet seems to… more

Reputation management reversal for Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ proves protecting brand image trumps wide product PR on MTV

Let me make sure I read the headline correctly.  Abercrombie and Fitch wants to pay someone to not wear its clothing in the interest of preserving its corporate reputation?  And a top reality show celebrity, no less, whose fashion choices catch the eyeballs of millions of youthful consumers… more

RIP The Times’s “Week in Review”

My world spun slightly out of orbit last week when The New York Times’s “Week in Review” was recast as the “Sunday Review.” Apparently succumbing to the influence of opinion-dominated cable TV, blogs and social media, the revamped section now devotes much more of its space to opinion… more

Let me be perfectly clear…

Any savvy spokesperson would agree that often in media interviews, silence is golden. But, even the most seasoned spokesperson or media-trained interviewee can trip up when he or she is on the media hot seat. Two pitfalls that frequently get interviewees into trouble are when they use verbal… more

New on the ‘Net: LinkedIn Today Debuts

Corporate communications, marketing and public relations professionals are constantly hunting for helpful industry news and the latest marketing tools.  In addition to traditional sources, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media offer new channels to tap into current news and trends. Now, there’s another way to get news… more

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