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Insurers Recommend PR Pros for Clients in Crisis

Female politician surrounded by reporters' microphones and recorders

Epoch 5 President Katherine Heaviside recently penned an article for the trade publication Insurance Advocate in which she described the importance of engaging professional crisis communications experts: By Katherine Heaviside Here’s how it usually works. You’re finally enjoying a well-deserved day off when frantic coworkers begin sending you… more

Lights, Camera, Crisis! Is Your Company Ready?

Bank of Photographers

What are the odds your organization will have a full-blown crisis that could hurt your good reputation or even destroy your business? Well, based on the near-daily calls our firm gets for crisis communications services, the chances seem pretty good. So, are you one of those organizations that… more

Media pitching faux pas: duck stories that are DOA

I must have made a thousand media pitches in my 30 years in corporate communications and PR media relations.  There are many keys to successful media pitching, starting with a bona fide story that meets the media’s objective of reporting timely, interesting and useful information to readers. But, if… more

Crisis Management Calls for Creativity and Unconventional Tactics to Avoid Damaged Reputations

Crisis communications is not a one-size fits all activity — it’s neither art nor science.  In fact, crises are so diverse, as are the organizations that are impacted, that solutions by necessity require creativity and unconventional tactics to counter potential damage. It’s the military science equivalent of trench… more

Writing legal blogs that steer clear of legalese

So did you hear the latest lawyer joke?  It’s about an attorney who writes a really fascinating legal blog!  But seriously, it’s no joke that law firm blogs choking on “legalese” can make readers “uneasy.” While blogging can be a terrific law firm marketing tool, legal blog content… more

Event PR Lets this Publicist Soar

I’ve worn so many hats in the PR business: from consumer healthcare publicist and fashion PR specialist to non-profit marketer, cause-related strategist and media relations pitchmaster.  But, if you asked what my favorite hat has been (aside from the fabulous blue Eric Javitz hat from Saks my husband… more

How search engines work: some SEO strategies that won’t help your search ranking

Search engines keep getting smarter.  In fact, they make some of the SEO “tricks” used to fool them into improving rankings seem plain dumb.  There’s no real mystery to improving your search rank, but there are some definite do’s and don’ts for using SEO effectively.  Below are five… more

Jerry Lewis not on your not-for-profit fundraising team? Try these tips to planning a successful fundraising event

Jerry Lewis wrote the book on the celebrity spokesperson for charities. So, with last week’s news that the King of Comedy has retired as chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the face of its Labor Day Telethon, a lengthy chapter in philanthropic history and non-profit marketing has… more

Using LinkedIn to maximize your business network

As we all know, there’s a big difference between merely getting started on social media tools and really maximizing them to benefit your business network.  Despite being a PR professional, I certainly have been guilty of not paying enough attention to those tools. Simple as these tips might… more

Marketing Strategies: In a recession, keep promoting, keep marketing and keep selling

Our public relations firm is often asked whether it’s smarter to market more aggressively during a recession or not.  Our answer is yes, mainly because economic downturns offer a unique opportunity to gain ground on competitors and pose the threat of falling back in the pack, especially when… more

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