Public Relations for B2B and Technology

Building leads and closing sales… they’re not driven solely by getting attention for your new or improved technologies, products or services. Business-to-business (B2B) public relations must also focus on establishing your company’s reputation—as an industry leader, technology or service innovator, or reliable business partner.

Epoch 5’s long-standing B2B practice successfully serves enterprise technology, industrial electronics and business services clients. Like so many organizations today, many of our clients are transitioning, or even transforming, their brands and need to communicate how that benefits their customers.

Our B2B public relations programs often include a range of integrated strategies: trade and business media placements, industry analyst relations and trade show support, sales and marketing support, speaking opportunities, user programs, surveys, awards programs and others. 

Our Experience in Action

The Epoch 5 team has experience in a variety of B2B sectors, including enterprise technology solutions, equipment and product design, component manufacturing and supply. For publicly traded data management software supplier FalconStor Software, we created a program that strengthened ties with industry analysts and built positive reviews. For technology product design firm Intelligent Product Solutions, we implemented a media outreach program that sharpened the focus on their unique niche.

We also assist many companies that provide business infrastructure essentials, such as IT services, payroll, financial services and more. For shipping and logistics provider Purolator International, we created a survey that pinpointed trends in the manufacturing sector, which is one of their key targets. For IT services provider HTx, we created trade media placements that increased their visibility in key vertical industries. Epoch 5 Public Relations team members have also worked with leading Fortune 500 brands, including Hewlett-Packard, as well as other technology companies, such as Panasonic, Unisys and Samsung.

Contact Epoch 5 to learn how our PR programs don’t just increase B2B clients’ visibility, but also build their reputations.