Financial Services Public Relations

Connecting with consumers—while building compelling, engaging brands—is the hallmark of Epoch 5’s financial services public relations success with credit unions, banks, investment firms and mortgage companies.

Our programs not only focus on creating positive visibility in traditional and online media, but also on leveraging special events and commemorations, maximizing charitable giving and community sponsorships, providing outstanding marketing support and promoting social media engagement. When controversial issues arise, as they always do, we offer effective strategic counsel and support to mitigate impacts.

Making an impact in the crowded financial products marketplace on Long Island requires the kind of consistent creativity, energy and focus that Epoch 5 offers. We’re adept at integrating financial services PR with other marketing communications strategies, such as advertising and social media, and partnering with senior management and internal teams.

Our Experience in Action

Epoch 5’s wall-to-wall media coverage has helped make the annual Memorial Day Weekend airshow sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, the Northeast’s largest credit union, one of New York’s most-attended free public events. We’ve also represented several banks, including Hanover Community Bank, generating high-level exposure in the Wall Street Journal and on CNN and Fox News, and Gold Coast Bank, for which we garnered significant publicity in consumer and business media.

Our public relations firm also enjoyed a highly successful seven-year relationship with Fleet Bank, during which time we were responsible for divisions throughout the Northeast. We also benefit from the experience of staff members who have managed PR accounts for Chase Manhattan Bank and Citicorp Financial Information Systems. Our PR firm has also developed programs for mortgage companies, including Brofco and Arbor Mortgage Banking, and investment firms, including First Long Island Investors.

Contact us today to learn how Epoch 5’s financial services PR programs can help engage customers and prospects for your organization in and around Long Island.