Community Relations

Whether you’re a developer, a multi-site corporation, or a human service organization proposing a controversial new project, it is often essential that you gain the support and trust of the public. This is especially true today, with public opinion being formed and spread at lightning speed through social and electronic media.

At Epoch 5, we can help present your points quickly, clearly and compellingly — at zoning hearings, editorial board meetings, and public gatherings. We also work with you to build consensus by identifying stakeholders and potential allies who share common goals. Epoch 5 has participated in community relations campaigns in nearly every town and municipality on Long Island. We know the landscape and the players and look forward to putting our expertise to work on your behalf.

Services include:

Siting issues
Political and issue advocacy campaigns
State and local government relations
Environmental issues
Grassroots organizing and advocacy
Letter-writing campaigns
Advocacy advertising

For more information on these services, please contact:

Lloyd Singer
Senior Vice President, Accounts

Please visit our PR Insights videos for more information.