Public Relations for Energy/Environment

Effective public education and engagement that successfully builds support among key stakeholders are critical to power generation projects, whether they are fossil-fuel based, zero-carbon sources or others.

Epoch 5’s community relations strategies for large energy infrastructure projects not only create opportunities for stakeholders to participate and provide input, but also build consensus and support while mitigating opposition. Virtually every program we conduct involves a range of integrated strategies—from meetings and mailings to mass media—designed to reach elected officials, NGOs, civic groups, community organizations, business groups, environmentalists and others.

We have provided stakeholder relations for numerous high-profile, strategically important projects sponsored by leading regional, national and international energy companies. We have also supported environmental and recycling services providers, cellular and cable communications companies, national retailers, government contractors, manufacturers, real estate developers and more. We are familiar with New York State Article 10 Public Involvement Plan requirements. 

Our Experience in Action

Epoch 5 has employed a wide variety of integrated strategies for energy companies, including Shell Gas, TransCanada Pipeline, Covanta, J-Power and enXco (now known as EDF Renewable Energy), as well as environmental firms such as Gershow Recycling and Long Island Compost.

These strategies include:

  • Consensus-building efforts, including organizing and implementing small and large community information meetings, presentations to civic and government groups, focus groups, open houses and other meetings.
  • Counseling clients on dealing with civic groups, residents, elected officials and others.
  • Representing clients in discussions and meeting with those groups.
  • Preparing print and digital materials, such as websites, brochures, mailers, fact sheets, letters, advertisements and other materials for various stakeholder groups.
  • Organizing responses to media inquiries, acting as spokespersons and organizing editorial board meetings.

Learn how Epoch 5 Public Relations can organize a successful stakeholder outreach program for your important energy or environmental project on Long Island.