Community Relations Case Study

Client Profile

Regional membership organization of heating oil providers.


Further the organization’s legislative agenda; stem the erosion of oil fuel’s market share and negative perceptions; and promote its advantages versus natural gas.


Shape the outcome of numerous media stories to provide accurate information about oil heat and position the organization as a key source of information about oil energy. Develop ongoing government and consumer information campaigns on key issues and concerns, and assist in crisis situations to mitigate negative media and community reaction. Create brochures to combat points perceived as weaknesses of oil heat. Prepare and distribute position papers and printed pieces that educated government, the media, and homeowners about competitive issues and the organization’s positions on critical legislative matters.


The campaign stopped the decline of oil heat’s market share in the region, and a survey tracking consumer preferences recorded a 30% reduction in the number of oil heat consumers who would even consider converting to gas or any other fuel.

For more information on these services, please contact:

Lloyd Singer
Senior Vice President, Accounts