Marketing & Advertising Case Study

Client Profile

A 61-branch bank formed by the merger of six smaller, local banks.


Establish name recognition, maintain customer loyalty, and strengthen employee relations.


Create and implement a yearlong campaign celebrating the bank’s 100th anniversary, based on the founding date of one of the original banks. Develop a 16-page advertorial; an awareness-building sweepstakes; special ragtime piano performances in each branch; informational posters; produce historical calendars for customers; and fact sheets on the bank and the year of its founding for use as teaching aids in school and at home. Issue locally targeted press releases for each branch, including photos, community-specific history and quotes from the branch manager.


The yearlong 100th anniversary campaign earned the prestigious Mercury Award for outstanding achievement in communications. The historical news releases and their photos were used in more than 100 publications and broadcast over local radio stations. Bank officials reported that employee relations and consumer recognition were considerably strengthened.

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