Media Relations Case Study

Client Profile

Long Island’s largest accounting firm.


Plan and coordinate program recognizing top businesses on Long Island. Secure media coverage of awards luncheon, award recipients and the firm.


Generate pre- and post-event coverage in both the print and electronic media. Coordinate all facets of a 16-page special news section. Spearhead the development of the awards video for the electronic media. Generate all direct mail and advertising. Issue news releases at various points throughout the process, and maintain contact with the editors and reporters of key media outlets prior to the event. Manage media to ensure equal access to award winners and opportunities for the sponsor.


The 16-page special news section focusing on the award-winning companies and past award-winning companies was published in Long Island Business News. Local and regional media published the kickoff breakfast, nominations and finalist releases. Close contact with media prior to and after the event resulted in coverage from Newsday, The New York Times, and local and regional television and radio.

For more information on these services, please contact:

Lloyd Singer
Senior Vice President, Accounts