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Who’s Making News?

Editors to pitching pros: KO the hype and hard sell

Newsday’s auditorium was recently the scene of a lively discussion on a topic that is near and dear to public relations professionals: how to successfully pitch media on stories that are important to their organization. “Expert Tips for Great Media Coverage” was organized and moderated by Epoch 5… more

PR and journalism blur in the digital Wild West

The Internet has become a place where the definitions of journalism and public relations have blurred.  Professional journalists, PR practitioners, citizen journalists, bloggers, casual posters and others offering “user-generated” content are increasingly sharing the same digital space with powerful connections to key communities. Traditional media, especially daily and… more

Ivory Tower Arrogance Befalls Another University in PR Crisis

Talk about cringe-worthy video…the Rutgers University basketball coach literally abusing his players was beyond the pale.  So, how could the president of a top university, after declining to view this stunning tape, agree to a “PR” response in the form of the coach’s punishment, without all the facts? … more

Most Viewed: KONY 2012 Raises Social Media’s Role as Change Agent

“Viral” has taken on new meaning with KONY 2012, the video campaign designed to stop the crimes of an African warlord whose particular form of terror is to kidnap children and turn them into soldiers and sex slaves. First uploaded on March 5, it had 70 million views six… more

Adelphi president a prime example of multi-talented Long Island CEOs

Long Island’s CEOs are a talented group – from writers to musicians to painters, this is one accomplished, creative cohort.  Adelphi University President Robert Scott is a prime example.  I recently previewed a show of his photography at the Great Neck Arts Council and was truly blown away…. more

Gatsby Would Be Proud

If I were to list the perks of public relations, high on the list would be invitations to really great parties — parties where the food, drink and scenery make you realize that life is good…really good. It helps that Epoch 5 Public Relations is headquartered on Long… more

Reputation management reversal for Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ proves protecting brand image trumps wide product PR on MTV

Let me make sure I read the headline correctly.  Abercrombie and Fitch wants to pay someone to not wear its clothing in the interest of preserving its corporate reputation?  And a top reality show celebrity, no less, whose fashion choices catch the eyeballs of millions of youthful consumers… more

Consumer research on a limb: Domino’s Pizza launches ‘Instant Reviews’ program in Times Square

Being a Long Islander means never having to say, as many of my expatriate friends do, “I can’t find any decent pizza around here.”  I’m no pizza snob, but I’m always amazed that anyone in the New York City area actually orders Domino’s. So what do you do… more

Netflix price increase offers PR lessons

Social media tools, and the social marketing they make possible, have become such game-changers that it’s easy to forget how new they are.  Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networking sites have been available for about five years.  We’re living in the infancy of this new force and… more

The tweet that launched a presidential campaign

Here’s the thing about social media and the interminable presidential election cycles — by the time voting happens 15 months from now, we’ll be talking about digital strategies that aren’t even around today. President Obama wasted no time last week in embracing a new social media tack when… more

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