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When the Flicks Come to Life

What a dramatic week – it’s been like watching nonstop reruns of potboilers, romances and disaster movies – only these were real. We had tragedy, intrigue, surprise finishes and even a kiss or two along the way. First we had the unspeakable tornadoes that ripped...

Optimize Your Content For Social Discovery

Mashable writes that since take-off of search, publishers have turned to search engine optimization (SEO) to grow their audience and expose their content. SEO is keeping Google users well fed with meta data, keyword repetition, internal linking and more. At Epoch 5,...

Improve Your Facebook Postings

The higher up in your News Feed, the better! Mashable explains that keeping an up-to-date social media presence is key to a brands image. But – Just because you’re posting on your Facebook Wall, doesn’t mean the content is relevant. The most recent and relevant...

Going Green Is Good PR

Going green is good public relations. Just ask Walmart, which found a clever way to “Save Money, Live Better” that doesn’t just echo the mega-retailer’s tagline. Walmart recently reported that its California operations eliminated more than 80 percent of its waste that...